Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Piggy Back Rider of Red-tailed Hawks

Photograph courtesy of The Daily Mail

Remember our discussion of Red-winged Blackbirds riding the backs of Red-tailed Hawks? Well they aren't the only ones. An offering from Jackie Dover of the Tulsa Hawk Forum--

Hi, Donegal--

I ran across an interesting tale of a nest-defending Kingbird who took on a Colorado Redtailed Hawk. I've attached two photos. Here is the link to the entire story--

Western Kingbird

Photograph by Jackie Dover of the Tulsa Hawk Forum

I'm also attaching a photo of a Western Kingbird in my own yard this summer, scolding me for daring to mow under her nesting tree.

Jackie Dover

Tulsa Hawk Forum

By the way Jackie, any news about the Tulsa Red-tails?

And later tonight if all works out, THE RED-TAIL WAITING AT THE STOPLIGHT.

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Sally said...

Regarding the Tulsa Redtails, there have been sightings of Kay and Jay on and around the KJRH tower. There has not been a recorded view of the nest recently, and everyone is wondering if the old egg is still there! We are all hoping and waiting expectantly to have increasing views of the nest and reports on their activities. That is all I know; perhaps Jackie has more information than I do.