Sunday, September 13, 2009

Turkey Trotting- Close and Personal

I was just heading for the north gate of Thresherman's Park when ZAP! The five wild turkeys I'd photographed coming round the north gate a few weeks ago, suddenly appeared in a running, or more technically true, appeared turkey trotting at a quick clip in their turkey line smack dab in front of my car. I hit the breaks. The dust flew and the Turkeys cleared the road. Galumphing their way up the hedgerow beside the south section of the woods.

You'll notice in the first photo that the rear guard turkey is facing the woods, possibly to make sure nothing dangerous is there laying in wait, while the others head for the hills. But by the time the second photo is taken, they've paused.

Why? Good question. Well, I had stopped. Is that good or bad in the turkey mind? Are we all waiting for the other to make a move so we can react?

Or is it a moment of indecision? Whether to bolt into the bushes which makes it tougher (and slower) going to get to the top of the field and continue foraging but is possibly safer or to take a chance and trot east rapidly and make it to dinner in half the time?

I didn't get out of the car, but I had shot down the window for a better view. This is perhaps what sent them into action once again, though they aren't really trotting now. It is more of curious walk.
The the hindmost turkey goes up on his toes and gives a few wing beats. A signal to get going? Conceivably, as the rest then finally do get focused and head off.

Boss Turkey's wings settle.
Well they started to anyway but still give looks over their shoulders at me.
Boss turkey then starts stepping out even more briskly in their direction. And they decidedly pick up the pace.
Until there is only Boss Turkey's head above the rise that precedes the dip that they know will obscure them from me. They'll likely pause out of sight until I'm gone. Therefore I go and make it easier for them to continue about their business.

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