Monday, September 21, 2009

A Horvath Hummingbird Release and The Green Heron Snacks

Hummingbird photos courtesy of the Horvaths
And from wonderful NYC wildlife rehabilitators Bobby and Cathy Horvath, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird release, a Archilochus colubris about whom Bobby has to say--
This female came in last week after hitting a window and had an injured right wing

Ruby-throats are the only widespread species of hummingbird in the East.

Luckily she ate on her own immediately so we had hope.

Only three to three and a half inches long and a weight of only a few grams.

Today we took her to Westbury Gardens and happily gave her another chance to migrate.

She hung around for a bit and then took off like a bullet.
Cathy brought the feeder tube and gave her 1 last quick drink before she took off.
We're working on the eagle from last winter [The one that had so much mysterious gunk on his feathers that he was grounded. D.B.] and hopefully he can go in 2
or 3 weeks after conditioning. He’s molted enough by now to make it.
We'll have to meet with the DEC to band him and hopefully release him right after. We'll let you know when and where.
The catch of the day from New York City's Pat Gonzalez-- A Green Heron eating something mysterious...a wee turtle perhaps?
Donegal Browne

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