Friday, July 03, 2009

Dollar RT Protects a Fledgling, Jules on the Astoria Release, and Twin Fawns

This is the backyard of Dollar General and that big Walnut to the right is where I often see an RT hunting the filed below. But today I was at the carwash next door from Dollar General. Suddenly I heard something that sounded suspiciously lke a young Red-tail. Then I heard the famous adult Red-tail fighting call, Khreee. Oh dear, what's up with this? And RT landed in the top of the closest tree then headed out and if you look carefully in the distance between the two trees...


I'd say that's a female. Look at the extremey hawkish look to the head. Then I hear, crows calling to one another. Are they the cause of the dispute?

She looks over her shoulder and sees me. Normally she'd flee immediately but there is some intruder and she has made it top priority.

Takes another look to the east...

Red-tail Photos by D.B.
But not for long. She hunkers down for a better look and to obscure her shape against the sky. Thank goodness for this photo with the obvious red tail or I'd not known for sure if what we were looking at was a parent or a fledgling. She does directly fly off so I'm not sure what the interaction was but I'll keep an eye on the area to see if there is a repeat. Which if the issue is Crows, there is very likely to be a replay.
From Jules Corkery, Triborough Nest Watcher--

I wasn't there but Robert told me that it was terrific to watch Bobby and Kathy handle the bird and get it back to its family. I understand there was even a quick sprint across a very busy street! Thank you for doing so much for these animals that are our neighbors.This morning all 3 fledges where in the same locale. We easily figured out who was who. Baby 2 was fed but still in the tree at 21stand Hoyt Ave North. Although s/he wasn't doing much branching, s/he was triangulating on things in the immediate environment and branching more than we've seen so far. Baby 3, the smallest but by far the best flyer, was comfortable moving about high in the trees above the back fence of the paved area while Baby 1 (now banded which is great!)followed his more tree smart sibling around. Baby 1 landed with wings outspread in the top boughs of a small tree but easily got himself together and followed Baby 1 to a larger branch. Baby 1 and 3 were not fed but were trying to hunt for themselves and were not crying out. Baby 2 who had been fed was calling out from the tree at intersection and was looking in the direction of the his siblings -since he was fed we wondered if he was calling to the other two. Peer pressure is a good motivator.We will be out of town from today until Monday so if anyone is available to check on them please stop by. Look for black crown night herons on the river front and near the site where the fledges are residing, you might find a bunch of cedar wax wings chowing down on the last remains of the mulberries and other fruit trees.On the incoming tide we get lots of cormorants fishing as well. Then a dip in Astoria Pool? See? It's well worth the trip!Have a restful weekend everyone. Jules

White-tail Deer Photos by James W. Blank Jr.

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