Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Red-tailed Hawks On M--Styles Differ, New Pale Male Movie

Just a few seconds before this photograph was taken Secundus was sitting on the branch directly above Primus' head. But the moment I got out of the car Secundus made a hop flap dive for the foliage.

Primus looks at me through a crumpled leaf.

She does a hop flap herself and then starts looking for Secundus.

Secundus is actually making quite the scene hop flapping higher and higher.

A hop flap to the tip of a twig.

And another look for Secundus.

Scanning the area, possibly for parents with food. Food being a chief topic on a fledglings mind.

Primus puffs up and looks aggressively my way.

Back to scanning the airways.

They don't happen to be walking by any chance?

In the meantime, Secundus has made it to the nest, a much better place to peer from, and is doing his own scanning.


He snuggles in and starts his trademark peering.

Switches position. Peers some more.

It's a long one.

A scan--

And back to me.
NY Raptor Watcher Pat Gonzalez sends the link for the new Pale Male movie, "The Legend of Pale Male"

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Della Micah said...

Great to see another set of young red tails. Your environment is SO different from the downtown Pialdelphia habitat of our Franklin Institute hawks.

Lovely pictures.

Here's my blog address if you want to link