Friday, June 26, 2009

A New Hawkwatcher for the Triborough Nest, The Kestrel Release, and Riverside Hawks

Lisa P. a new hawkwatcher finds the fledglings of Athena and Atlas from the Triborough Nest--
Friday, June 26, 2009
Found your blog this morning after I google'd hawks in astoria park.

It was 6:50am and I noticed two hawks in the trees of the paved park off Hoyt Ave North (b/w 21st & 19th Sts.). Both were big and making a ton of noise (I actually heard them in my apt 1 block away!!!).

Beautiful birds. Although the one stared me down for a minute while I stared back at it. Took photo with cellphone but cannot see anything in photo.

Lisa P.

Photograph by James O'Brien
Young Kestrels rehabilitated by the Horvaths and ready for Release.
Longtime Hawk and Falcon Watcher James O’Brien has some wonderful photographs of the Kestrel Release on his Origin of the Species blog from Wednesday June 24th.
PS Great work Cathy, Bobby and Sadie Horvath!

Hello All,
This past Tuesday I returned to the Flushing Meadow Park. I was able to locate both parents, fledgling #3 and one of the banded birds Bobby and Cathy released. I should have asked Bobby to paint the bands so I can tell them apart, one being male and the other female. Fledgling #3 has been getting fed on the Unisphere quite often, and in terms of flying is quite advanced compared to the other two fledglings.
I returned to Flushing again today(Friday) and managed to locate both parents and two fledglings. I'm not sure which two I saw, but they were both hanging out atop some wires on the Pavilion, calling for food.
Both birds look well, hopping around on the wires, being harassed by various other birds, and plucking at their feathers. One fledgling made a nice flight over the Pavilion, passed the GCP and towards to Queens Zoo on the other side of the park, all to evade the meanest mockingbird known to man.
I hope to return again maybe Sunday to see if I can spot all 3 fledglings in one day.

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