Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Questions/Some Answers

Are there possibly the tops of three eyass heads in this photo?

In yesterday's post while Primus and Secundus were getting ready for bed, on the far side of the tree sat one of the parents. As to whether this is Mom or Dad? I'm thinking Mom from behavior and chutzpah but I'm not positive as she isn't really glaring at me like she usually does.

This is Primus. Look at that ankle. Looks a tad chunky to me. Primus could be a female.

Primus has begun doing a hop and a flap now and again. Notice how the back of her legs below the knee are unfeathered. The thought it that young birds get their most important feathers first. Usually these are the feathers which are most needed for warmth. As a young bird is often still down on haunches, the bottom back of the leg is usually folded in and therefore doesn't need the feathers for warmth that could be better used on other more exposed spots of the body.

Many more photos of the Young Ms to come! Plus the No-Kill Zone around Red-tailed Hawk nests.
Donegal Browne

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