Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Red-tailed Hawks on M and Wildlife in the New York Botanical Gardens

When I first caught sight of the Ms nest, I was sure that there was a bird standing on the rim.

But by the time I got up even with it, there was nothing but tail feathers sticking out my side. I didn't turn the car off and the tail feathers remained toward me.

Then one of my many cousins in the area, pulled up behind my car with a barking dog in the front seat of his pick up truck. Mrs. M looked over her shoulder at us.

Then her head disappeared and the tail feathers got some elevation.
She was scrunching down and turning at the same time.
In alert position she stares down and Joe and I. Doggie has remained in the truck. In Central Park I've noticed the same thing. Red-tails are completely unfond of dogs.
About that time, Joe gets back in his truck, it's his busy time of year as he's the area's big supplier of seed corn. Off he goes but Mrs. M has not forgiven me. She stares.

And continues to do so. I can see that this is what I'll get today, so get into my own car and drive away. When I look back, it appears that someone is standing on the rim of the nest again. Sigh.
Beyond stubborn hawks, today is interesting in that I cannot access my email box. I'm certain this will be rectified by Yahoo very soon and news will begin to flow again. That's been the way of things previously when it has been unreachable.
Some gorgeous shots of Canada Geese and turtles from Pat Gonzalez at the New York Botanical Garden, ready made to sooth the soul.
Gorgeous wings and reflection...
These guys don't look like they've missed any meals lately do they?
Donegal Browne
P.S. For more from Fordham Hawkwatcher Chris Lyons in reference to the new Red-tail nest and Possible Rose at the NYBG, check out the comments section in the next post down.

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