Friday, April 17, 2009

NYC Red-tails:Pale Male & Lola, Pale Male Jr. & Charlotte, Mama & Papa

A year ago today, Pale Male and Lola look at their eggs. And just like a year ago, if there is to be a hatch it is due to happen any day now.
Hi Donna,

I was able to confirm yesterday afternoon (4/14) that Mama and Papa have had at least two hatches. My angle of view didn't show the entire nest bowl to the bottom. However, I did see two white fluffy heads pop up when Mama walked around the perimeter of the nest. There still could be an additional youngster, time will tell.

I had observed Mama sitting higher in her nest and in a slightly different position on April 5th, she was even a bit higher on April 8th. So the first hatch was most likely on April 5th with subsequent hatches thereafter. The youngest hatchling is now about ten days young and the youngest about 6-7 days young. The youngsters appear to be the appropriate size for the observed changes in Mama's nesting habits of 4/5 through 4/8. As you are aware Mama started to overnight in her nest on March 7th.

As always we will continue to watch and report on Mama and Papa's family regularly.

All the best, Jeff

Hey Donna.

I just thought I would provide you with a brief update on the 888 7th Ave. nest. The weather has been terrible the last few days and, as I have mentioned before, the only way to see through the glass into the nest is on cloudless, bright sunny days. On the few occasions that the clouds have broken and the sun has shone I have seen Charlotte patiently sitting on the nest.

Every once and a while she will take a break from the nest and perch on the ledge scanning the avenue below. I very rarely see Junior fly in. Actually, I haven't seen him at all in the last few days, but if he's quick enough I'm not surprised if I miss him.

Based on my calculations and the earliest that the egg could have been laid, the evening of Friday, March 20th (the egg was not there during the day while I was at work on Friday) the earliest possible hatch date would be this Saturday. However, I'm thinking it will be a little later than that since I only actually first saw the egg on Tuesday, March 24. It is possible it was laid sometime over the weekend and I just didn't see it on Monday when I returned to work. I'll keep you posted of what I see during the next few days.

Hopefully this coming Monday we will see an eyass.

Brett B. Odom

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