Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Convocation of WI Eagles and Norman and Isolde at the Cathedral

Sent in by R. of Illinois--
The eagles have landed!!
Wonderful photos taken from a house in the northwoods near Minocqua , WI .

This was about 400 feet from the house on Eagle River.

I find it interesting that the percentage of white headed adults to the under four-year-olds seems much higher than what I've seen previously in eagle gatherings in the state.

It really is a big WOW!
Photo by James O'Brien
NYC Urban Birdwatcher James O'Brien hit the jackpot with his latest visit to Norman and Isolde up at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The Divines do seem to be going to nest on St. Andrew yet again this season. Check James' wonderful photos on his blog --http://yojimbot.blogspot.com/
Donegal Browne

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