Sunday, February 01, 2009

Francois Portmann Does Croton-on-Hudson

All Photos by Francois

Notes from Francois about his photos--

Went to see the eagles last friday! They were far and further away.
Difficult for pix but saw 2 dozen busy on the ice, fishing.

Several Red-tail Hawks, this particular pair, the male on the wing...
...and the female, looks like her left eye is hurt or lost
but she seems to do fine.
(Considering what a raptor must do to make a living it is amazing to me that they are able to do it one-eyed, but they can and do regularly. Pale Male's mate his first successful year with young was a female who was blind in one eye. And thank goodness she showed up, one eyed or not, because several Regulars from those days say that it was she who showed Pale Male the ropes when it came to the niceties of nest construction and the rearing of young. D.B.)
A Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, hunts the water from a tree.
Canada Geese, Branta canadensis
The Eagle flies in low hunting.
The Eagle, with wings spread, grabs a fish, with plenty of offers to help eat it from the Eagles on the left.

Note the Redheads, in the foreground. They're Bay Ducks, divers. The kind of duck that does the run and patter on the water for take off.

The Geese, drying their wings at a bathing/grooming stop-over in the cove!

All Photos today by Francois Portmann
Donegal Browne

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