Thursday, November 06, 2008

The foliage seems particularly spectacular this fall. Also rather spectacular was the release to the bathroom of the stray kitty that's been hunting the bird feeders. I got a hold of a live trap and as I'd been feeding kitty for several days on the back step waiting for my capture chance, I put the trap with some tasty roast beef on the back step in the same position. I thought it would take awhile for the cat to be enticed into the trap but decided I'd get the bag of litter out of the car.

After bringing it in, I peeked out of the curtain, and wonder of wonders there was kitty inside the trap. Wow! That was fast.

Kitty does not look happy, actually.

I rushed out the front door and got some leaves and dirt. Went into the second bathroom where I was going to put kitty, mixed the leaves and dirt into the litter. That way kitty will be cued to use the box as she's been using the dirt outside. A food and water bowl, and now the interesting part.

I pick up the trap and kitty yowls. Kitty is a very strong yowler.

Kitty glares. I get the trap to the bathroom and after some tinkering get it open. Kittt whips out, jumps onto the counter, and then knocks the loose toiletries all over with a rattle and a crash. Kitty they leaps for the curtains and begins to climb them.

I should have the camera.

By the time I get back, kitty or Pyewackit, as I've decided to call her for the cat in the play, "Bell, Book, and Candle, has made it to the window and is sitting on the inch and a half sash. Can't be that comfy. But Pye is pretending not to be there so isn't complaining.

You'll notice that the curtains have lost some of their hooks and now look a little the worse for wear.

Note the towel rack. It will make another appearance later.

When I return with some bedding, Pye's head has made an appearance.
I leave again and go about my business, until I hear an awful crash and clatter from the bathroom. I go in to check just to make sure that no glass has broken. I don't want her to cut herself.

Nope, there isn't any broken glass but somehow Pye has torn the towel rack off the wall. What a talented kitty.

I don't have a full photo of talented kitty so I go outside as that is on the other side of the curtain. Outside, I mean.

It's night so the flash goes off. Pye doesn't seem to mind be it does make her look quite demonic.

She's rather long haired. See her bottlebrush tail. Actually in Wisconsin quite a few stray cats have long hair. I assume it's an adaptation that helps them make it through the winter. She had taken off one of Fluffy's holes, the one under the neighbor's shed, so she'd have likely been hunting my bird feeders all winter.

It's one thing for a native hawk to do it, but quite another when a cat does it. Cat's aren't native and they decimate bird populations

Actually it took about thirty seconds after the live trap went into the house for the Junco's to arrive at the feeding area for one of the first times today. Pye kept sitting under the picnic table pretending to be a barbecue grill or something.

Why are those Canada Geese walking across that parking lot?

Possibly since the ice age or at least for very long time. There was a small lake just as one came into the town of Janesville. That little lake or perhaps it was a pond, was extremely popular with migrating waterfowl.

Two years ago the city fathers in their infinite wisdom allowed the lake to be filled in and a box store built on top of it. Just what the world needs another box store. Much more important than habitat.

It was actually quite awful. The migrating birds arrived last season and they couldn't find the lake. They flew in circles above the box store for hours, while more and more tired hungry birds arrived and joined the confused circling birds. They were in a panic, calling to each other, desperately trying to figure out what had happened.

Now this year I see these troupes of geese walking south through town, away from the former location of the lake. It turns out that there is a small drainage area near the road which thankfully is currently full of water and the birds walk over and get in. Though it is dreadfully crowded.

They've stayed to rest through the four days of Indian Summer we've had.

But the weather must be about to change because late this afternoon, birds from everywhere in the area began taking to the air and leaving town. And geese of course always announce their departure with many choruses of honking. I assume they don't want anyone to be left behind. And no doubt there is discussion about who is going to be where once they arrive at cruising altitude.

The deer is at quite a distance but at least she stands still long enough for one photograph.
Before turning, with a flip of her white tail, for the woods at speed.
Donegal Browne

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