Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Diving Robin and Paying Back the Cat

R. of Illinois discovered this screen saver from Birds and Blooms. The highest Robin truly does look like he's ready for the big dive with all his cohorts looking on. Too bad for the guy he's standing on. In reality, he's probably making a landing. I find this unusual as the birds who visit my bath try all sorts of tactics to get the bath to themselves. Perhaps these Robins were traveling and everyone really needed a drink.

I missed the shot but when I first looked down at Pye and the squirrel, squirrel was sitting right in front of her, leaning on the glass, eating sunflower seeds. Pye had her paw up patting the glass. Squirrel wasn't fazed though he looked at the paw and just kept on eating.

Pye really wants to grab that tail.

This is the optimum squirrel spot because hanging from the eaves is a large bird feeder.

Note the squirrel is looking at Pye, but just keeps coming. Part of it is they're pretty sure she can't get them but also it's Fall and the squirrels are in the throes of hyperphagia-- putting on fat for winter--so they take chances for calories.

One squirrel climbs the screen door, jumps on the feeder, paws through the contents looking for the highest calorie bits, while the rest falls to the ground, available for multiple squirrel foraging below.

It's been raining for two days and the day before these two, it was extremely cold. There have been virtually no birds at the feeders. Not even the juncos. ???
If you look at the squirrels in this piece carefully, you'll notice that they have lost their necks and their legs are shorter--it's an optical delusion caused by fat.

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