Monday, November 24, 2008

Beavers to Scotland and Crows and Cutlets Part III

Courtesy of CNN
I hadn't even realized that originally there were beavers in the British Isles until R. of Illinois sent in this link. It seems beavers were extirpated four centuries ago, and they've now realized that without the beavers that various ecosystems just aren't happening anymore and in order to straighten things out, they need some beavers.

Oh yes, and one of the reasons for the six month quarantine, the UK has no rabies and they'd prefer not to import any.

This sounds like a nifty idea, right? Well not to the commercial fishing interests. They of course seem to be ignoring the fact that salmon and beavers evolved together and then lived in the British Isle for thousands of years before the beaver were extirpated.

Then of course there is the BBC for a more comprehensive explanation as to numbers and the process of making sure no beavers in a family were left behind in Norway.


The two Crows on the ground, eat together and eat at the same time. As opposed to either being competitive or one playing sentinel for a few bites and then switching.

She's doing that motion, whatever it is, with the lump of collected fat.

And suddenly they're all gone. My observations pick up again about an hour later.

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