Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red-tailed Hawks, Sandhill Cranes, Bluebirds, Oh, and a Cow Part I

I had just come out of the library in Milton, mulling over something mundane, like where I'd left the car or how expensive water is here, when suddenly I hear, "Kheeeeeeee, kheeeeee, keeeee!" Whoa, that's a Red-tail on the warpath. I look up and, yes, there, absolutely, is a Red-tail hot winging it to the north. (The opposite direction to the one above.) I run to the car and dig for binoculars, the camera, anything with magnification.

When I look up again, there are three birds in the sky, very high, circling. More digging. Two look like Red-tails and the other is big, bigger then they are by twice maybe? They go behind the tree. Finally the camera, and I see no birds.

Then an RT comes from the north to south, begins to gain altitude, (photo above), and gone behind a tree again. My next two photos show sky with a very faint totally unfocused bird/blob in the sky. One on the north side of the frame and the other center. ???

Another Kheeeeee! and a Red-tailed hawk goes from south to north.

Then the above bird appears from the NE. Perhaps a large gull, or water bird of some kind, who may or may not have been in on any of this in the first place but is just stumbling through.

And then it goes east.

The next sighting between the trees, may be the original very large bird. Light is gleaming off what might be a white head. She's coming from the south and then circles back toward the south and behind the tree.

A Red-tail comes zooming out of the north and after the large bird with the contrasting head.

Then what looks like possibly two gulls come out of the east. ??? Or a gull and a ?

I finally make it past the offending trees and into someones yard, and nothing. Not a bird in the sky. I look at the times on the photographs. It all took place in under two minutes. No wonder I'm confused.

But that's not all.....

Continue down to Part II. Remember Blogger gets cranky if it feels there are too many photos per post and it was getting very cranky about what has currently become Part II....directly below.

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