Friday, October 31, 2008

Crow Sentinel Eating Part 1, More Spaghetti "Cooking"

I see her, but does she see me? She doesn't leave.

Look carefully in the bowl, you can see the spaghetti. Mrs. Crow is tending it. See the portion of pasta that is floating directly below her beak?

A squirrel scampers across the back and Mrs. Crow watches. The crows and squirrels have a very adversarial relationship here.

More tending.

She watches.

She looks up, possibly at the sentinel crow who is the lower branches of the tree in that direction.

Cawing is heard. She pauses.

Now she looks at the far side of the bowl.

Look to sentinel crow.

Suddenly she flattens out and flies to a lower branch of a nearby maple.

She looks down and SW.

She looks at sentinel.
Then back at whatever she was looking at before.
Quickly turns , still vigilant.
More scrutiny, and then she takes off towards the sentinel. As I didn't see what she was doing the first few moments upon landing, I don't know if she brought pasta up with her and stashed it behind that big branch. Though I didn't see her pick any up. But one never knows if birds are carrying things in their beaks and halfway down their throats.
Donegal Browne
P.S. I looked high and low for Red-tails, or hawks of any kind, today and didn't see one. I looked in their usual haunts and drove the countryside. Nothing.
Some days you can't get away from them and other days? It's as if they've all gone to the movies.

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