Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blame It on Pale Male and Lola, plus Wildlife Rehabilitator Carol Vinzant's Report on her Baby Squirrel Crew

Rehabilitator Carol Vinzant seems always to have orphaned squirrels during the season for them and she gives them wonderful care. Here's her report on the current crew--

Mary Todd is opening her eyes today for the first time. She’s now a good eater and instead of just resting after she eats, she likes to explore the kitchen table.

She has a temporary little brother. Since he came after a squirrel someone brought to me who they had named Abraham Lincoln, I’m calling him Andrew Johnson. You can see how small he is compared to the other two.

Big sister Martina continues to be a grunter. She’s starting to eat hazelnuts in the cage.
(Now isn't this a sweet tableau? Count the tails. The only guaranteed way to figure out exactly how many babies are in a squirrel pile.
And be sure to check out Carol's tips on spots to find wildlife in the city, at her site, links below. D.B.)

That's what the expert is saying anyway...
Green Leader Elizabeth May owes a tip of the hat to a pair of red-tailed hawks from NYC for the success of the online outrage that boosted her into the upcoming TV debates, according to political scientist Chanchal Bhattacharya.
(Now isn't that fascinating? But let's not forget that it wasn't just the example of online outrage that tipped the point, it was the larger example, the little guys CAN win against the big guys--the example of banding together in a good cause whether online or on the street by the little guys actually can get the big guys to change their behavior. Remember the biggies don't win if the good guys hang together and keep speaking out for what's right until the other side is just too embarrassed by what they are doing to do it anymore. )
Donegal Browne

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