Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ninja Cat! Plus Mini Update on CP Turkey

Due to unforeseen time difficulties with what was going to be on the blog tonight, look for it tomorrow. Coming up instead is a video suggestion from daughter, Sam.
(Imagine trumpet fanfare.) NINJA CAT!

Plus Katherine Herzog, who originally called me about poor tail-less Trusting Tom in Central Park, emailed a mini-update--

Hi Donna,

Haven't seen Trusting Tom for over a week. His hangout used to be the Maintenance Meadow (77th St-East Side) and the Ramble.

Did get a report about a "funny looking" turkey near Strawberry Fields (72nd St-West Side). Someone who is a bird photographer added that she's seen TWO turkeys in the park--one with feathers and one who looks "plucked".


Well, well, Tom may be trusting and may not have a tail but he doesn't seem to be the only turkey in CP currently. I hope they'll get together and watch each other's backsides. Four spurs are better than two.

Where are they coming from?

I wonder if they are both as tame as Tom? If so, they have to be a release by someone, and not two wild turkeys who've just come over the bridge to Beau Brummel around being turkeys about town.

Donegal Browne


Karen Anne said...

Are we sure that the photographer saw two turkeys, and not Tom pre and post feather losing?

Donegal Browne said...

Hey K.A.,

I wondered about that myself, but as I wasn't there, I can't know for sure.

The speaker thought it to be the case, and actually if there are two, it may have been the case for awhile, though no one would have known unless the turkeys were seen together. Otherwise until Tom got plucked they'd have been considered one bird as there had been no resident turkeys in C.P. previously.

Time will tell.