Friday, August 15, 2008

Tulsa Red-tailed Hawks! Kevin Camp Gives the Central Park Photographers a Run for their Money

All hawk photographs by Tulsa's Kevin Close
Bringing up a pellet and not just any pellet. This one is huge. In fact big enough to make one's back feathers curl. (Talk about perfect timing on Kevin's part.) Plus here's proof that this bird is eating well.

Does this Mocking Bird look like it's smiling to anyone else? While the juvenile has more of a mix of "deer in the headlight" eyes combined with "Oh no! Not again."

And the chase is on! But those talons may be hanging just in case the Mocker gets too pushy and lays itself open for a grab.

The parent is sitting, taking a break, working on a little foot hygiene...

When who should appear but one's progeny intent on stealing the perch and any possible tidbits as well.
I love this one! GERONIMO! A launch off the pedestrian bridge while no doubt vocalizing at full voice. And we no longer have to wonder where those artists got their stances for avenging angels.

Just look at this beautiful healthy juvenile. A little snake added to those urban rodents in the diet does add a fine sheen to one's feathers and a gleam to one's eyes.

Once again, those nasty second generation rodenticides rear their ugly heads in a park where Red-tails hunt rodents. A heads up on the article from Tulsa photographer Keven Close. He's not only good with a camera but a smart cookie as well.
Which reminds me, if anyone isn't doing anything right now, how about penning a letter to your "take your pick" governmental official about axing these second generation rat poisons or even rat poison in general and thinking about a little more sanitation.

Submitted by Illinois's Catbird
Donegal Browne
P.S. The next two days are travel days but if I can find WIFI I'll get the blogs up and we'll keep cookin'.


Eleanor, NYC said...

Some gorgeous photos here!

cvinzant said...

wow, that pellet photo is incredible!

Donegal Browne said...

It's fabulous! I've never seen another like it.

jim@deadman said...

nice shot! especially first pic!