Monday, August 04, 2008

The Raptor Mail Bag

HI Folks,

I'm still camping at the Pennic War, so technology is near none existent--first off here's...

News from contributors from around the country

For years there has been a camera in the Bald Eagle nest at Barton's Cove in central Massachusetts. The other day the tree with the nest blew down in a storm. Check out for photos and a link to the video. There is a photo gallery of this and previous year's eaglets. The camera is still working it just looks out through the trees from a little different angle. Judy

From Tulsa Hawk Map Mistress Jackie Doverf
Hi, Donna:
I'm sending you the announcement of our new Tulsa Hawks online, interactive Google map. It's going to be a great resource, much superior to the previous ones. One can post text, photos, videos, etc., anything to describe the sightings and their locations. And updates are easy.

Anyway, here's Thunder with her invitation to the map site:"Hey, I'm squawkin' to YOU! Summer heat got you down?....Not much doin' on the Forum lately?.....No hawks in sight above the scorching streets of Tulsey Town?....No laaazy circles in the sizzling Oklahoma sky?....Well, what do you expect?! It's *$%!# 'n HOT out here!!!.....Sooo, chill out, fans o''s something to help you enjoy us Tulsa hawks in a cool new way---
Check out this website for the new and improved...Mother of All (well, almost all) Maps:! Squawwwk!"
Jackie Dover Tulsa's KJRH Hawk Forum

From R. of Illinois----

On the KJRH (Tulsa) hawk forum, check out the new thread called: Re: Close encounter of the Hawk kind, posted by webmaster Russell Mills.

D. B.


Anonymous said...

Hello Palemaleirregulars, I enjoy reading your blog about Raptors and other wildlife. I was wondering if you could give us an update about the Houston Street Hawks that were in Bobby Horvaths care in Long Island. I made a donation to his Wildlife Rescue organization and I would like to know how the Hawks he rescued are doing. Thank you.

Donegal Browne said...

You and me both! Will get an update out as soon as I track one down. Just back today, complete with a separated rib. It started with setting up camp and then completely blew out the next time I laughed uproariously.

Gosh. I didn't know laughing could be such a health hazard.