Thursday, July 03, 2008

Red-tailed Hawk Update: Houston 1

Both Adam Welz and Nadil E. have been looking for Hous for hours with no success. Park Staff is also looking, as is Lucy M. a new hawkwatcher.

The Park Staff reported to Adam that yesterday, Wednesday, a young Ranger was sent over to pick Hous up. Adam was told that the Ranger was inexperienced and afraid of being footed, so she touched Hous's tail but did not proceed with the rescue.

As Hous was in a postion to be touched, we can reasonably assume Hous was grounded at least at that time. If you go to help, don't forget he could be on the ground under cover as well as higher. And also be aware of the parent's positions, particularly Athena as Jules felt she may have been watching over him this morning. Athena could cue you to Hous's location.


P.S. Ranger X, please contact me directly by clicking "Contact Me" in the right column of the mainpage.


Sally said...

Sad that they sent someone incapable of performing a simple rescue while the hawk was on the ground-goodness, no net, no gloves? No wonder no one trusts to call the park rangers!

Ranger X said...

Hi, I've tried twice reaching out to you twice, have you received my emails? Perhaps they are getting filtered out as spam?

Donegal Browne said...

Hey X,
Wow, no I haven't gotten them. Maybe they are being confused with spam or...
Are they being sent to a gmail address or the yahoo address? Perhaps Blogger has pulled a fast one. They want everyone to use Gmail but so many people use my yahoo address that's the one I want to stick with.

I'll look at both emails bulk folders etc. to see if you're there.

Here's a thought, contact Bobby Horvath, I assume you can get his contact information, yes? Or also if you run across Francois.

Tell them I said to give you my phone number. They can check with me if they like on the matter. There are some things I'd like to chat about.

Yojimbot said...

Shoot, this is bad. I know Bobby has to work today (the 4th), maybe you can catch him before the bad weather sets in today and then turn him over to Bobby on Saturday?

Karen Anne said...

I am sending very good thoughts to Hous.

I don't want to cause any bad karma, but I am wondering what type of training the Rangers get, that the young woman sent to help Hous was frightened to do so.

We all must be thinking that a two day delay in getting him help for a disease that runs its course in a week, plus the two days that he was out there in difficulty,...

Combining this with the lack of concern for animals in difficulty that some park personnel have expressed, I am thinking that the training needs to be much better in terms of knowing how and when animals need help, and how to do so.

Plus some filtering when people are hired.