Monday, July 07, 2008

CA Wild Fires or the Fourth of July? Part II

Marty and Cole Studebaker start heading for home with the rest of us in tow. Well not really "in tow", just in line. Gotta be careful how you say things when you have something that is actually capable of towing all the rest of the vehicles.

See all the cars bumper to bumper backed up to the horizon? This doesn't happen in Milton. In fact it's so rare, unlike New York City, that I was asked to take a photo of it.

Turning into the Studebaker''s driveway and "Harry's Yard" And what do you do when you get there?

You have a picnic of course.

And there is Ron, aka Aloha shirt, talking on his cell phone sitting on a tractor tire.

Here is one of the sheds at Harry's Yard.

And Harry's phone booth. No not operable. Harry just likes it.

And his old gas pump, and speed limit , and RR crossing sign.

No reason to have to take the kids to the playground, Harry has one of those as well. And more RR signs and his own mailbox too. Remember playground merry go rounds? They don't have them in NYC. They're considered too dangerous. One child did say he felt like "barfing" but nobody bled.
See the screened in gazebo in the back there? See the white blobs near the roof? Those are a bunch of buffalo skulls. Harry is actually a mountain man born in the wrong time.

Speaking of some things that are truly dangerous--Here are the children

Over to their left is this. What is this? A big wooden mallet like in the cartoons, BAM. And a little cart full of scythes.
Yes, folks you heard it here. You know the thing that the grim reaper carries around? There they are and the children never touch them or any of the other things in the yard that they could kill themselves or each other with. Fascinating. (Have the dumb ones already done themselves in or have the kiddies been threatened within an inch of their lives if they touch something. That's a joke just in case you're flipping out.) I suspect that when you grow up with these sorts of things, you just know. Though Cole does have a several inch scar on his head you can see when his hair is very short. He ran into an anvil.
Come to think of it, he's never done it again. It must have been a very good learning experience. Perhaps you only have to do something like that once.

Further in the back of the very large yard, is the buffalo skull curing area. He put the heads there and the bugs clean them up for Harry.
(He has a friend that raises Buffalo for those concerns that make buffalo burgers.)

Wait a minute That's not just a windmill, that's getting awfully close to art.
By the time Mary's huge cherry cheesecake has been devoured, it's time for...

Fireworks in my backyard. It just happens to abut the park where they set them off. And there is a carnival with rides besides. It's Red, White, and Blue--
But somehow part of the day seemed to be in black and white too.
Donegal Browne

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