Tuesday, June 10, 2008

UPDATE--Houston St. Red-tailed Eyasses

Unofficial Eyass Watch at The Cathedral 2006: After watching since early morning, by noon fifteen-year-old Samantha Browne-Walters has fallen peacefully asleep on the curbside gravel, leaving the watching to others for awhile.

Fledge One of the Houston nest is still under the care of a Wildlife Rehabilitator who has a surrogate mom hawk who will feed the eyass and avoid human imprinting in the
people-equal-food category. We hope for a timely release.

New York City Audubon Director of Conservation Susan Elbin is working toward a new protocol with the city in regards to fledged eyasses. The effort is being made but as we all know the wheels of bureaucratic New York City grind slowly.

Yet again, we see the imperative need of an Organized Eyass Watch for each Red-tail nesting site which does not face a large three tiered vegetative green space that allows branching up from the ground to the branches of tall trees for the normal phase of several days in an urban raptor's life in which a newly fledged eyass cannot gain the flight elevation needed to reach tree branch height.

And of course we must all pitch in to share our love of city Red-tails with the public and help educate our neighbors about their normal behavior and needs.

In from Carol Vinzant, http://www.animaltourism.com/, a youtube link of the two eyasses on the Houston St. nest from yesterday.

Donna Browne

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