Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Urban Hawk Update: Thunder of Tulsa, Monday morning


R. from Illinois reports--

"The KJRH weatherman, George Flickinger, took these photos Monday morning in
Tulsa, a wide shot and a close-up. It appears that Thunder may not have been
on a satellite dish (my error) when first spotted by local watchers. A
watcher reported after going to the tower this morning (Monday) that Thunder
is in just about the same spot that she has been since first sighted after
her fledge flight. She said that Thunder "looks pretty wet" from the
overnight rains."

Photograph by George Flickinger

Look carefully and you can see a little teeny Thunder perched on the ring near the base of the tower.

The updates are a touch out of order. To find out what happened in the afternoon, scroll down to the next post.
Donna Browne

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