Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tuesday Miscelleny: Hawks, Baths at The Gill and Clouds

I was going through my photo archives and ran across this photograph of one of Tristan and Isolde's eyasses from 2006. It reminded me of something, but what was it? I continued on my search but the fact I couldn't place whatever it was began to really bug me. I returned to this photo and stared. What was it about it, that seemed particularly familiar from this season?

Then it came to me once again and this was a good example! I began scurrying through this season's photographs. Tristan and Isolde's eyass from 2006, looks very much like Intrepid at the Riverside Nest. The formel who is currently a first time proud mother of three eyasses, 2008. Who knows? The timing is right.

Central Park Photographer Eleanor Tauber, catches a Blue Jay seriously enjoying his bath at The Gill.

Photograph by Eleanor Tauber

What is Robin thinking? Will Grackle share or his head's under water, now's my chance?

Storm clouds pass from West to East in Wisconsin. You know what? We just never seem to have skies like this in New York City.
7:08:14 PM

7:08:34PM Watch how the clouds move over the sky.

7:08:53PM Sunbeams appear.

7:09:06 PM How long has it been since you've seen one?

7:09:37 PM

7:09:53 PM

The Eastern Sky, 7:41:20PM

Donegal Browne

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