Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pale Male, Lola, and the Fifth Avenue Nest

11:05:00AM Word from the Bench is that there is a hawk on the nest but opinions differ as to exactly which one it is. And the nest sitter isn't showing so much as an eye through the twigs so the discussion continues on the Bench as to just who is up there. And then they wait, and wait some more.

11:33:54AM Then a Red-tail appears to the north. Five minutes of very large circles over the area to the north. Then behind Shipshape back out again, then north on Madison, curves around and onto Stovepipe railing.

11:38:14AM It's Pale Male. Lola's on the nest.
12:01:38PM He's up and heads high.
12:02:07PM And higher, circling. Disappears to the east.
12:11:19PM Pale reappears from behind Woody and heads north. He's got something in his beak. Twigs? Dried grass? Has he been gleaning from the potted plants up on the Woody terrace again? More circles.
12:11:31PM Whatever he's got, he seems quite proud of it. Is he attempting to get Lola's attention or just feeling very pleased with himself in the sunshine?
12:11:40PM He circles back, passes Balance Beam, Shipshape, and Woody.
12:11:46PM Heading towards the nest from the north.
12:11:48PM Swerves out and around. He's high enough to make a landing but doesn't. Circles in
the south. Disappears in trees. Then back up north treeline, turn at Balance Beam and back toward nest. Lola is standing on right side of nest.

12:15:33PM Pale Male lands on left side as usual. What has he done with his cellulose present?

Pale Male stands left surveying area. Lola stands right, same.

12:15:51PM Pale Male stares at Lola. Lola looks around. No break? Pale Male off nest.

12:15:58PM Lola looks fixedly into the nest bowl.
12:16:15PM Lola leans into the bowl and does something. Incorporating Pale Male's offering? Rolling eggs?
12:16:59 PM Lola settles back into the nest.
Donegal Browne

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