Thursday, February 21, 2008

Winter Into Spring

It's still definitely winter here in Wisconsin. And winter once again brings to mind that I've always wondered how the Junco, who can't weigh more than a few ounces manage to get through the night without freeing solid. Yes, they spend every waking minute foraging and eating as fast as they can find it, but still. It turns out that like Red-tails, Juncos "practice" controlled hypothermia at night. They and Chickadees reduce their body temperatures while asleep to conserve calories.

Now if I just knew why Mourning Dove's eyelids are that lovely shade of blue...

Of course, for the Junco, it's not just regulated hypothermia, look at his underwear.

Photograph courtesy of the Ohio DNR
But Spring has to be on it's way, no matter how it feels at the moment.
Robin of Illinois sent in this great link to a Flickr site where you can watch the Blackwater Eagles "dance" in courtship. Eagles are marvelous. Take a look!
Donegal Browne

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