Sunday, February 10, 2008

WI Golden Eagle, TX Black Birds, and Everybody's Moon

This afternoon while driving down County Road M between Milton and Thresherman's Park I looked up and saw a very large dark bird gliding over the car. I thought, "What is that? Turkey Vulture? Not a chance. What are those white spots? It's huge and holds it's wings like a Bald Eagle, but those white patches--It can't be can it?"

Yes, it could and it was. Was I delighted? You bet! It was an immature Golden Eagle. Goldens are rarely seen around here, but with this weather, a foot and a half of snow and below zero temperatures, many raptor species have come to "town" who aren't usually seen locally.

And a different kind of offering from Bill Walters our NYTimes Link Man. When he's not sending not sending in links to the blog for our enjoyment, he goes on the road as a stage manager. And on February 7th, he took these photos of what he refers to as a "swarm of black birds" from his window at the Lancastor Hotel in Houston, Texas.

6:12 PM He said he particularly like the juxtaposition of the birds and the quitar from the Hard Rock Cafe.

6:13PM Incongruity comes to mind as well. Particularly in this shot where the circling birds, mostly Grackles, look like avenging wraiths.

6:17PM And to add to the mix Bill says their conversations were downright deafening.

And today's sliver of Moon, just so you don't forget that she's there.
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