Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pale Male's View of The Bench and Monday's Miscellany

PALE MALE'S VIEW OF THE HAWK BENCH--and The Conservatory Water, The Boat House, Bow Bridge, The Lake--well, see for yourself.

Photograph courtesy of the BBC

'New type of bird' found in Nepal
By Charles Haviland
BBC News, Kathmandu

A previously unknown sub-species of bird has been discovered in the southern grasslands of Nepal, scientists say.
The bird is a warbler with a very long tail and slender beak and has been named the Nepal Rufous-vented Prinia.


Driving down the road through Milton I saw a hawk landing in a tree in the Community Park. Changing destinations immediately I whisked into the nearest parking space, tromped through the snow drifts, got within 50 yards, and off she went through the branches and out of sight. Country hawks can be very trying.

Look carefully this is not Fluffy. I looked out and thought it was Fluffy. Then I noticed that Fluffy was acting completely out of character. Very un-Fluffy like. Fluffy was being downright speedy for no reason what so ever. Snuff, snuff, snuff, under the pole feeder, then a zing under the picnic table. I admit it was a possum zing, much slower than say, a Bunny zing, but one has to keep this sort of thing in the perspective of the species, right?
Then the possum checked under the feeder near the door, then three quick, snuff, snuff, snuffs, and here was the dead give away, this possum was very speedy at masticating her corn and sunflower seeds. Quite suspicious, I then noted that this possum, lets call her Speedy, is rather smaller than Fluffy.
Chances of seeing baby possums come Spring are getting better all the time.

Just in time for the upcoming snowstorm, how much snow is a big question depending on which weatherman one listens to, the estimates range from 1 inch to 14 inches, there has been a thaw. The lichen, benefiting from snow melt is plumping right up. Whatever will it do next?
Donegal Browne

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