Sunday, February 24, 2008

A NYC Urban Red-tailed Hawk Update

Photograph by Robert Schmunk

Tristan and Isolde the beautiful Red-tails, nicknamed The Divines, who have nested on the statue of St. Andrew at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine for some years now, hang out together at dusk. As you may know these two are favorites of mine as I've watched them successfully raise and train eyasses for the past two seasons.
For an update, on their current activities, visit Rob Schmunk's blog-

Photograph by Jeff Kollbrunner

Meet Momma and Papa, who nest in Queens and have been together for more than a decade. For an update on their adventures, they seem to be building two new nests, neither at last years site for instance, go to photographer Jeff Kollbrunner's site:

(Note that unlike the Manhattan Red-tail couples, the male of this pair does not have a lighter head than the female. If the lighter headed males are Pale Male's progeny, could this couple's nest be where some of dark headed females are coming from that mate with Manhattan's pale headed males?)

Photograph by James O'Brien

The new pair, at least new to us, of Urban Red-tails that is building a nest in a tree in Riverside Park (and as it turns out an alternate nest is being built as well) about to copulate.
For more on the new nest situated above the highway go to James O'Brien's

Origin of the Species Blog, link above.

And for more on the discovery of this new nest and narrative on Red-tail nests in general by hawk expert John Blakeman, go to author Marie Winn's website:

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