Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pale Male and Lola's Nest--The Fix Is In

Here is Pale Male and Lola's nest with the 2007 eggs nestled in the dry grass and leaves of the bowl.

(Here you go! How many times have you wished you could see that in the last few years. I know I have many, many times!)

These are photograph I took of Pale Male and Lola's nest taken from the roof of 927 Fifth Avenue on January 4th, 2008.

See all those little bent over white spikes poking up through the nest lining? It certainly looks like those spikes were keeping the eggs from being rolled, poking the sitting bird, and wicking heat from the bowl of the nest just as Ohio hawk expert John Blakeman had been saying all along.

And here is a wider view of even more of the little buggers.

Many more photos of the nest and of the work on the nest that occurred today still to come tonight.

And here is the official Audubon announcement from Board Member Lynn Rollins--

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 13:30:33 -0800 (PST)

From: lynn rollins

Subject: Re: Pale Male nestwork
Mission completed. Nest has been spring cleaned of almost 72 spikes (I would like to see all of us try to turn an egg without getting impaled). Three eggs were retrieved which will be sent to Ward Stone...they are still heavy so that makes it more interesting.

The Mission was photographed and video taped. Pale Male made a nest stop while the engineer was being brought up to make sure everything was properly done and we hope he likes his new digs and brings his bride home to roost!

Hats off to Sandy for her work. It was quite a feat to organize all these people...and many thanks are due to people who helped make it go so smoothly.


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Donegal Browne

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Karen Anne said...

Those spikes must have been really uncomfortable. Hats off to Pale Male and Lola for not just giving up.

And thanks to the folks who made this happen. Hope it works.