Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pale Male and Lola Dance and Tracks in the Snow

Pale Male on Linda 2

The Pale Male and Lola report today from Elizabeth MacKuen. She reports that the Fifth Avenue Pair were seen south of 72nd and Fifth today, circling with each other above the park with their talons dropped.

Hawk season is on it's way!

And in Wisconsin, there are ten more inches of snow, hawk season is a touch behind that of NYC. And as there is fresh snow how, about some fresh tracks.

This one is easy. The exclamation point design of Blaze and his bunny friends. Long back feet and short front ones.

And here's a trail underneath the snow. That looks like a little rodenty mammal who's wise enough not to be too obvious and become a Red-tail snack.

Now who made these? I've not seen these before.

And are these from the same paws as the one's above except they've sunk in the snow? I didn't know what either were so I started researching them. It did occur to me that Fluffy had been around and they might be his. But Opossum tracks in sand at least, supposedly show the opposable back toe clearly and the front and back tracks overlap. Not the case here but deep snow could well change an animals usual gait.

Here we go. It is Fluffy. The front track is larger and there is overlap onto it. It's definitely Opossum.
It's good to learn something new everyday, now isn't it?
Donegal Browne

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