Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Almost Hawk Season and What are the Crows Doing?

Well, ladies and gentleman, it's mid-January. In another couple of weeks, I think the earliest observed was February 3rd, there will be daily copulating up and down Fifth Avenue--on Central Park South--and 113th St as well! Get those binoculars ready.

Often in Wisconsin winter, the lack of clouds allow heat to escape which is ordinarily retained and so the cloudless days are far colder but there is a plus, there is the beauty of the famous prairie sky.

And many eyes were on the sky today, trying to figure out just what the Crows were up to. In fact a number of people asked me, "What ARE the Crows doing? They're flying everywhere and in flocks."

And here are more Crows sailing off.

And still more....
Often when visitors are passing through there will be many calls back and forth between the travelers and the local Crows. That was not the case today. They didn't call to each other, usually not even within their individual groups. And for the previous week, Crows seemed more scarce than they had been and when seen rarely, they was in threes or twos or singles.
What? There's been a Crow Convention, and now talked out and tired they're on their way home?
Hey, with Corvidae you never know, now do you?
Donegal Browne

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