Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Day After the Festivities.

Silver may look like he's thinking something but in reality he's awake but no one is home. This is still one tired bird.

All day he hasn't known what to do with himself in the manner of small overtired children. He'll ask for something and then find it completely unsatisfying. He's grumpy and liable to go from staring at nothing to sawing his rope spiral with his beak while saying "Awwwww".
If you look carefully, you'll see he's sawing away with his eyes closed.

Now back to the thousand mile stare.

Eyes drooping it's time for a scratch.

Then more staring. He's talked today, and even resurrected things we haven't heard in years but predominately he's "beeped". An attention getting device used when he really can't think of anything specific he wants (otherwise he'd ask for it specifically) but he wants something. He just hasn't figured out that what he wants is sleep or more precisely being over tired, he just can't seem to go to sleep.

Now it's the big yawn and a scratch, which usually foreshadows dropping off to sleep.

Not today, his eyes are open wide and he's staring some more.
Now some preening with eyes at half mast.

Fix those tail feathers.

Okay, feathers will be ready for tomorrow, perhaps tucking in now might work.

Nope. Head tucked, eyes wide. And note he rarely tucks his head unless he's cold, which he currently isn't, or is very tired.

He untucks, he yawns, and his eyes almost close...

No good, he deals with a recalcitrant feather on his left shoulder.

Pitiful little bags under his eyes, he stares binoc.

Then suddenly he tucks in again and this time, for whatever reason, his eyes slowly close--and stay that way.

Donegal Browne

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