Thursday, December 13, 2007

Double Raptored-A Clarification

Whistle, a Krider's Red-tail, who's figured out that the train through town flushes rodents from the Future Farmer's of America's fields near the train track. Look at how pale she is.

Let's go back to the posting Double Raptored, I thought I'd made it clear but as I've had a couple of questions concerning the issue, I hadn't.

If you remember, before photographing the immature Hawk that's been haunting the backyard, I'd seen a Buteo fly over my head, only perhaps 15 feet up and then it skimmed over the roof of the house. It moved like a Red-tail and was shaped like a Red-tail but from underneath it seemed completely pale. And yes, this bird was a different bird from the immature. In fact I'm convinced it was one of the local Krider's Red-tails.

Here is Whistle's front view. You can see how if this bird flew over you that you just might not see any dark belly band or other dark markings from below.

Hence the reason that the pale bird who moved like a Red-tail and was shaped like a Red-tail--was a Red-tail as it went skimming up and over the roof the other day.

She was just the pale prairie version.

Donegal Browne

P.S. Don't miss the ID correction of Backyard Hawk in the posting below this one.

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