Monday, November 12, 2007

Predators at the Feeder! Part 2

Predators at the Feeder was intended to be one post but an "error screen" now appears when I attempt to load a photo. Therefore here is the second half. I'll get the first half up as soon as it's possible. Sorry. D.B.
All times Central.

Right Finch is alert, but she stays and keeps herself on the far, dark side of the feeder.

Left Finch is unseen on the far side of the feeder by the door and Right Finch is hiding up near the roof of the house.

3:59:11PM She comes down for some seed.

4:02:23PM All the birds are hiding.
4:03PM One returns and stays near the picnic table ready to retreat under it.

4:08:58PM A squirrel begins it's anxiety danger whine. The squirrels run for trees and birds flee for cover in the evergreens or maple branches.
5:11PM I get distracted by the bright red leaves of the bush that the Cardinals nested in earlier in the year. Suddenly there is a startling loud metallic bang.
4:13:33PM BANG! The birds and squirrels flee. The wash tub is butted up against the brush pile on it's right side. The bang came from this direction and sounded exactly like something thumping a wash tub. Is the Shrike back and chasing sparrows around in the brush pile again?
5:14:29PM The Juncos first return to the neighbor's feeder as there is a good sized bush immediately next to the feeder that the small birds can flee into.

The Brush Pile--It should probably be closer to the bird feeders.
5:16:32pm The Juncos in a line near the picnic table. The two males alert while the females feed.
4:27 PM Though getting quite dark, the Juncos continue to feed. Now that Dad Chipping Sparrow has gone south, it's the Dark-eyed Juncos who feed into the evening.

Circa--1AM, Saturday. Guess who's back foraging? It's Fluffy the Opossum.
Donegal Browne

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