Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Feeder and Raptor Discussion Continues

A local Black-capped Chickadee, Puecile atricapilla, sustained by sunflower seeds from the feeder, hits the bath.

Betty Jo of Camarillo, a long time blog contributor, sent along her opinion about bird feeders and the Raptors that sometimes frequent them to catch lunch.

Hi Donna,

I think your hypothesis is probably correct regarding bird feeders.

For years I subscribed to the theory that birds didn't need it and indeed it was not the correct thing to do. Then a friend brought over a bag of wild bird seed and--well--that led to about an expensive addiction! Jay peanuts, gathering acorns from the city sidewalks for the jays, black oil for the finches and niger in socks for the Goldfinches--and of course the hummingbird feeders. Luckily, I do not have to contend with squirrels as some of my bird feeding friends do.

This is now my thought on feeding birds--we have virtually destroyed their world (where I live, anyway) so I plan to help the hardy survivors in any way I can. And yes I do have the occasional Sharpie and Coopers come over for lunch--far better in my opinion to be eaten by a natural predator than to be killed by an outside cat--who doesn't even eat you--or to be smacked by a window glass which you think is air--or have your nest destroyed by an out of season tree trimmer.

Betty Jo in Camarillo

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