Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Though she calls herself contrary in this instance, Eleanor Tauber the nature photographer who graciously shares her work on the blog that is, I don't find Eleanor contrary at all. She did though, as she made a trip to go hawk watching at the Audubon Center in Connecticut and ended up focusing her camera on as she says, "yellow jackets , dying flowers and apples....."

For me, that's a wonderful form of openness. If one only notices what one went for, one will miss whole swathes of things. One would pass by these thistle seeds. The fluff of which is still the most delicate hue of purple, a subtle reminder of the more intense, passionate summer color of its blossom. Time passes.

And what about the telling and exquisite fragrance of apples on the ground? Wasps do love them dearly. And in just a little while the apples will ferment and you will see the intoxicated wasps going drunkenly about their business. And a little later, the same happens with small crab apples and Cedar Waxwings.
And oh yes, Eleanor did see some hawks as well.
Donegal Browne

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