Thursday, July 26, 2007

NYC with Eleanor Tauber and a Country Twilight with Me

Photograph by Eleanor Tauber
Black Crowned Night Herons and reflected buildings...
As fine Central Park photographer Eleanor Tauber says, "Leave it to NYC to give us both!"

Photograph by Eleanor Tauber

Look at this! There's a new Mallard family at the Model Boat Pond. Perchance is the female a past Frick Duckling that has returned to the water she was raised in? Or just a clever girl who noticed how well the Frick Ducklings got on?

Because of their age these are most likely second clutch ducklings. Mom has brought them to a safe place, and perhaps these five will thrive. There are no Snapping Turtles and lots of eyes to watch out for them while spending their young days at the MBP.

And as we all know about my fascination with avian tootsies, here's a closer look at a little webbed duckling foot.

And in the Country...

7:22PM It's getting on toward evening and due to the drought I've had the hose out watering the garden. This squirrel, sitting under a Sunflower umbrella, uses stray droplets of water to wash his face.

7:23PM As usual Dad Chipping Sparrow is still hard at work for his family. See his beak? It's so stuffed full that the wideness seems to have made his eyes go slitty.

One more drink before looking for a roost?

8:10PM The light is dimming so it's time for Mr. I. Bunting to put in an appearance. See that cocked head look he's giving me? This is the point when previously without fail. there would be a blue streak where the bird had been.

But not this evening. For whatever reason instead, we get the tough bird, make-my-day look, and he goes right on eating. Maybe he's had a bad day too, and just can't take anymore?

8:13PM Wee Dad Chipping Sparrow is still hard at work. It will be dark before he disappears for the night. He is always the last to leave.
Donegal Browne

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