Thursday, June 21, 2007

Winkie's Cathedral Family Report And Kentaurian on Charlotte and Junior's Eyass

First off is Cathedral Nest Watcher Winkie's report. It includes some very helpful tips about how to identify each of the Divine Eyasses.--
I'm glad to say that all three eyasses now fly very well. I've seen Tailbiter and Third flying over the tops of the London Planes.

The News since last week, (I couldn't be there on Friday).

On Saturday, I arrived around 2:00PM and saw Third, who is a male (my opinion). He is a small bird with almost no belly band.
(Diminutive with little belly band to speak of? It sounds as if Third looks like his father, Tristan. D. B.)

Third has that leaner, longer silhouette. He was on the scaffolding and doing birdie aerobics. He took off and banked, making a great loop over the parking lot and finally decided to land on the urn on the Plant Pavilion. This bird is quite impressive!

Later, I ran into Rob around 7:30 or 8:00. We got to see Tristan and one chick, probably Tailbiter. This chick is probably the biggest and has a pronounced belly band, but less of one than the second, my Cohort (her belly band is dark and wide and for now even darker on the left). Tailbiter flew from the railing and "grill" stuff on the front of the Plant Pavilion back to beyond the apse before I headed home.

On Sunday, late afternoon, It was Third on the Baptistery. He's very engaging and looks around with great curiosity. He finally flew off to the urn. I think there must be snacks for them there, as they disappear for a while up there.

On Monday late, around 8:00pm, Tristan was on the transept corbel~his usual 11:00 position and Tailbiter was on the scaffold. She had a very full crop. Tristan flew off, first over the hospital then the park. I watched her for a while. I gathered Tailbiter was too full to move.

Tuesday evening, I came up empty.

Wednesday, my only sighting was Tristan on the urn and flying over the park like he was on the lookout for the kids. I haven't personally sighted Isolde or Cohort. Other's have as I've seen pictures of her. She is probably somewhere in the trees near the cathedral. For now, I can recognize her by her pronounced dark belly band.

Just in from long time Hawk Watcher and part time philosopher Kentuarian, who has spent many hours watching Charlotte, Pale Male Jr., and their young in the south of Central Park.

Yesterday, Manhattan, 70620, Wednesday -::- The young hawk had been returned to NYC on Tuesday the 19th of June and released in the south west end of Central Park.

The next day, it was finally seen several times with its parents. All three of them active, jumping, hopping, animated; flying around the Heckscher Baseball Fields and very vocal.

The parents brought food, the chick ate it or, later in the day, dropped it and looked forlorn.

The fledgling was mobbed and harassed during the day periodically by groups of smaller birds: Blue Jays, Robins, Starlings, Orioles; getting whacked by them. Most of the time the youngster had to just "sit it out" or relocated.

The baby hawk called, whistled, kirred and bleated sometimes rhythmically, the adults often responding and even flew by, dived in and defended it.

This flurry of noise and activity helped the human "ground crew" find the young hawk and monitor it just in case something went wrong where we might have to step in again.

And remember to send in your thoughts, questions, opinions, recommendations, solutions, and theories for THE PALE MALE NEST SYMPOSIUM, another segment will be posted soon.
Donegal Browne

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rbs said...

I don't know when Winkie came around on Wednesday, but both Eldest/Tailbiter and Brownie/Cohort were on the Cathedral School roof from 6:15 to 6:45.

Both were there on Thursday also, and there was almost a food fight.