Thursday, June 07, 2007

Finally, An Indigo Bunting

Now I didn't say I had a good picture of the Indigo Bunting but holey moley I finally saw one. Easier to see through the vine climbing up the trellis with the eye than focusing the camera through it but, you say, what's the big deal anyway? It's not like it's an Ivory-billed Woodpecker.
I know. I know. Indigo Buntings are found all over the country. Not as prevalent as say, a Cardinal, but still, most everyone who watches birds has seen one at some time or other. And a lot of people who don't even watch birds have seen them.
Not me, until today.
I rather brought it upon myself, I suppose. The first time I opened a field guide, I saw that brilliantly blue colored bird, and said, " OOOOOH! I want to see one of those."
Talk about jinxing yourself.
So I've searched for them and found all sorts of even rarer birds, but then it started to become a "thing". For instance, now this has happened three years in a row, someone will come rushing up to the Hawk Bench and say, "There's an Indigo Bunting in the maintenance meadow." I'll drop everything and run off. But when I get there, no Indigo Bunting. Then later another birder will arrive at the Bench, "There's an Indigo Bunting in the maintenance meadow..."
But that's okay, doesn't matter a bit, because I just looked out, and he's back. The big deal? The big deal is how beautiful he is.
Donegal Browne
P.S. Ludie Stearn has promised a report on the Cathedral nest and it's just about to fledge eyasses very soon. Maybe even later today.

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