Monday, May 21, 2007

Remember the Moon?

She's there nearly every night so she's easily forgotten, or is it just she's so common she's, well,--overlooked. Her sweep across the sky isn't a one in fifty year event, not something to mark in red on the calendar. She lights the night too often. But what if she did only appear once in a century slipping through her changes? Think what it would be like to see her then. Having only seen those other tiny pricks of light for all your life and then a mysterious matte orb appears. And if that isn't enough, she transforms herself nightly. Larger by far than anything else celestial that anyone living has ever seen. Oh, you wouldn't allow yourself to miss a minute, now would you?
Donegal Browne.

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cyberfluff said...

Great shot. Thats what I saw through my study window with the 700mm department store refractor this week. it's like being at a ballgame as opposed to watching the event on tv. I watched the dark limb cover a faint 6.8 magnitude star Sunday night. That is most uncommon when the moon is in viewing range from my west facing window!