Thursday, April 12, 2007

Get Ready Eastcoasters, The Snow is Coming Your Way


Food for warmth.

Find the Juncos.

A favorite spot to eat and shelter from the snow at the same time.

Squirrels get theirs no matter what.

Watching it snow from the edge of the feeder.
At dark there was still a little Chipping Sparrow dozing on the lee side.

The Spruce where the Dark-eyed Juncos roost.
Six inches of snow last night and today. And another Snow Warning for this evening in Southern Wisconsin. Hope the Red-tail hens are eating well as they've no doubt found themselves under a blanket of very wet snow while sitting the nest. It's falling in a ground level air temperature of 33F. This snow is very wet and this snow is very heavy. Absolutely perfect for snowmen, but they aren't popping up, by April people have had enough even here.
Doorstep Dove and Friend were also here today and I now know one way to tell if it's going to be below freezing. Doorstep will be in her spot by the door at dusk the night before.
Donegal Browne

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