Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Isolde on the nest, Tristan at Dinner, Woodcocks, and Red

Isolde, the female of The Cathdral Hawks

Anticipation mounts...A report by Cathedral Hawk Watcher, Robert Schmunk, of http://bloomingdalevillage.blogspot.com/

Isolde might be spending the night in the Cathedral nest tonight.

She was in the nest at 7:12 when I left the Cathedral area, although because of the dim light I did not realize she was there until I looked at pix afterwards. I've been taking empty nest pics on the off chance that my eyes missed something; this time it worked.

As sunset was officially at 7:06, I'm led to think she would be staying put.Earlier sightings at the nest were made when I first arrived at 5:46(hawk leaping from nest) and from 6:17 to 6:22 (sitting quietly;disappeared when I looked a different direction). It is possible Isolde was in the nest from 6:22 until 7:12 but hunkered way down where
she could not be seen.

Alternatively she might have snuck back in7:05 when I was talking with a neighborhood resident north of 113thSt.

Tristan was seen from 6:50 to 7:00 having dinner in a treetop in the park near 114th St. He was last seen flying up to 116th St. The same neighborhood resident told me that there's a particular tree near there that seems to be a favorite roosting spot.

Photo courtesy of USFW
From Hawkwatcher and blog contributer Katherine Herzog. Woodcock Mania.

Yes, indeed....11 woodcocks were observed in the "oven" section of the Ramble on Sunday and there were 5 when I went there yesterday afternoon around 3pm.
What an amazing sight. Not only are they beautiful and comical looking at the same time....they make a funny quivering movement with their bodies when they're probing the soft mud for worms with their long, spike-like bills....another birder told me they do that to attract the worms?

Photographers were flocking to the scene and it was Woodcock-mania in the Ramble.Very cold and raw day...I passed by the 5th Avenue nest and Pale Male and Lola on the nest. Pale eventually flew into the park and Lola settling down in the nest to resume incubation for about the next five weeks.
All the best, Katherine

And, I blew it.

I gave the wrong "address" for Red the Squirrel.
For those who'd like to visit her, Stella Hamilton says,"Red's apartment is Northwest of the Great Lawn, near the Ross Pinetum."

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