Thursday, December 07, 2006

Furry Bottoms and Turkey

Courtesy of ShastaCoons
What makes it even more watchable when a Maine Coon tools down the sidewalk is their breeches. They have very long thick fluffy hair on their haunches and bottom. One supposes for sitting on cold surfaces to go along with the long hair on the bottom of their feet that helps keep their pads warm. Perhaps it even helps with traction on ice?
The thought is, Maine Coons are possibly a mix of the Norwegian Skogg cat and the American Domestic Shorthair, long past.
Remember Freya's chariot pulled by the two slitty eyed cats? Those were Skoggs. Very big in Scandinavia. And where did Skoggs come from? Turkey. Turkey? Yes, the Vikings didn't have much to do up in Norway...and it was really cold.
So they went down south where it was warmer and became bodyguards for the royal Turks. And it seems some of the Turkish cats followed the Vikings home when they went back up. Skoggs not only fish, deal well with cold weather, and don't expect cat chow, but they can also climb down trees head first. A reasonably unique talent in kitties.
What is all this about cats that live in the cold? Well Ladies and Gentleman, the indoor/outdoor thermometer next to me says it is 2 degrees outside. Yup, 2F...and that's without wind chill.
Wisconsin is downright nippy in the winter.
By the way, I'm hoping to visit the rehabber tomorrow who made the prosthetic beak for the Bald Eagle who broke hers off by smacking into a sign when a youngster.
I'll keep you posted.
Donegal Browne

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