Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Through the Bird Park Fence, It isn't easy keeping all the beer cans out of the pictures.

Beauty Berry

Does Nature need a redesign?

(If that question seems to be coming out of nowhere, see the comments section in the entry following this one. Also see that blog for information on how you can help save this small bird friendly ecosystem.)

Is there something wrong with a forest, a product of bijillion years of evolution, that we humans with our brief given span have the temerity to believe we can "improve"? Ask the birds.

The stone retaining wall that helps keep topsoil from running down the back slope. Someday, if the Woodland Garden is allowed to mature, there will be enough roots to do the job all on their own.

The Dogwood shoots rising from the bigger saplings have begun to show their fall colors.

For the most part the well rooted woody plants such as this Holly are still holding their own.

Here we go again. Find the White-throated Sparrow.

She's center, foraging in the leaves. Which the unenlightened have suggested were messy and therefore should be removed. But then where would all the leaf scratchers find food? We'd never see another Towhee. Though we might see a White-throat as this one seems to have unearthed a bit of Ritz cracker or the corner of a cookie.

Donegal Browne

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What a wonder you are. Thank you so very much.