Thursday, July 13, 2006

Divine Squirrel Hunting, More from Ben Cacace on the Moon, and Mitch Nusbaum sights a Cooper's in July

Divine Hunting

It's a sssssquirrel.

Closer...come closer...

He's directly underneath this branch hanging upside down. Shhh.

Stop looking, you'll give me away. I'm a branch.


If I can't see him, he can't see me...or not?

Where'd he go?

What? You try it.

Squirrel's gone...

Photographs by Donna Browne
One can always...preen.

As I'd posted the full image, Ben Cacace,, boffo birdwatcher and astronomy buff, sent his adjusted identifications of topography.

Now that you are showing the complete image the comments are a bit off. Now Aristarchus is towards the10 o'clock position. The largest rayed crater at the 6:30 position is Tycho. It is the place where the bright white object is being crushed by the rabbit your example 'bean cakes'. I see this image in the naked eye full Moon but it disappears when you see thedetail you have in your image.

All the best.

Cooper's Hawk sighting from Mitch Nusbaum

Sunday, 9 Jul 2006
Yesterday I was walking down the ridge in Ft. Tryon Pk where I heard Robins alarming. For fortyfive minutes I squinted up at a Beech tree when I saw it, a definite adult Coopers Hawk. He had no bellyband a dark crown and striped tail. He stayed aroundfor 2 minutes then at 11:48AM he was off. How he eluded detecton for so long from humans is the story. Usually Accipiters are only around from September toApril. --Mitch N

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