Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4 Hawks, 4 Fledge Followers, and the 4th of July

On the left, North Fledge who is darker and on the right, South Fledge, who is lighter.

The beginning of today as blog permits....

Seed pods must die.

South Fledge keeps an eye on North Fledge.

North Fledge considers tugging South Fledge's body parts. The fledges orangy-ness looks more intense in the early evening light.

Squirrel passes by.

Festivities for the Fourth are getting into full swing. A drummer begins wailing away on his drum down in the park and both fledges watch wide eyed.

There is that foot posture again.

7:25pm Darker fledge, north end of branch, creeps up on Lighter Fledge on south side of branch, who is picking at the bark and gives her tail a tiny pull. Then North Fledge leans down and gently grips South's wing in her beak and opens it out. South isn't amused and goes further south on the branch.
8:01pm Darker fledge flies down Morningside two trees and perches.

8:07pm Both fledges heads go up and the chorus of begging begins. We know they've seen a parent, but just where is that parent?
8:10pm Begging continues.
8:14pm Parent spotted on Gabriel. It's Isolde the Divine Mom.
8:16pm Darker and north fledge takes off across park.
8:23pm Lighter and south fledge flies across street towards School and lands in tree outside fence.
8:31pm Time to get back for the fireworks as the hawk version is done for the night. Exit.

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