Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Whole Lot a Flappin' Going On

The eyasses are in full swing when it comes to the "flapping"behavior that is preparation for fledging. They have also started looking down off the nest and taking an interest. If you haven't seen them on the nest and wish to, I'd suggest a visit very soon.

Temperatures mid-70's
Mostly cloudy
Wind variable

All times PM unless otherwise noted.

10:45AM One eyass visible.

10:51AM Second Eyass appears.

Second eyass begins flapping mid-nest.

1:28 Dad on Gabriel, one eyass visible.

1:52 Eyass preens mid-nest.

2:15 Eyass begins running back and forth across nest, east to west, west to east flapping madly.

Flapping coming from the other direction.

Eyass flaps facing out.

Finished flapping?

NO, more flapping.

2:18 Eyass roots around in nest and discovers pigeon remnant. She bends to eat, pulls, tears, chews, up, down, up, down. Then attempts to eat pigeon flight feathers. Many gyrations attempting to swallow them, feathers sticking straight out of both sides of beak.
2:30 Now it's Mom on Gabriel's horn.

Mom preens.

Oblivious sparrow lands on roof finial near Mom.

Mom notices the sparrow.

Sparrow notices Mom.

Mom menaces sparrow.

Sparrow turns to take flight.

Satisfied Mom watches the sparrow fly out of sight.

2:37 Mom off Gabriel and toward NE. Eyass watches Mom go, yawns, gives focus to honking car, preens chest.
2:40 Eyass preens "long feathers" of wing.

3:00 Eyass peeks through twigs.

3:17 Eyass stands, preens center, flaps, wing tips visible.

3:48 Dad on south urn of Plant Pavilion.
4:12 Dad off to the SE.
4:25 Mid-area Eyass preens.
There is a gap in the notes here because we had many visitors. People leaving work in the neighborhood, residents returning home, locals walking their dogs, budding hawkwatchers all, stop by on their way for an update on the nest. Unfortunately, once again as with the Trump Parc viewing area, there is no "Hawk Bench" where people can sit, watch the hawks at their ease, and get to know each other.

6:00 Divine Dad on Gab's horn, Divine Mom on The Plant Pavilion and Eyass in the hand.

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