Friday, May 19, 2006

And Mom makes at least three...


Photo by Eleanor Tauber

And Mom makes at least three-

Stella Hamilton, hawk watcher and friend of all creatures who fly, walk, crawl, hop,or slither, just gave me a call. There is big excitement at The Hawk Bench this afternoon. Remember the raccoon who lives in the tree cavity just north of the Model Boat Pond, a stone throw from Pale Male's nest?

Today when the raccoon went out to forage, two new little raccoon faces peeked out of her doorway. And as a raccoon litter is anywhere from two to seven kits, the question becomes, are there any more in there?

Photo by Samantha Browne-Walters

Stella, sitting on the edge of The Model Boat Pond with 927 Fifth Avenue in the background. It's teeny but up there on the top floor, middle window above the cornice, or above 'the eyebrow' as Noreen, original hawkwatcher, likes to say, is Pale Male and Lola's nest.

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